Friday, October 24, 2008

A Long Overdue Update!!

Gosh we have been so busy!!
First off, here's a sweat equity hours update!!
We need 89 more VOLUNTEER hours (these are the ones that can be done by friends/family and Bill and I)
I have 52 more hours to get for construction hours. the difference is, now Bill has been able to take over my construction hours. We decided that for health and safety reasons (my placenta issues and just being 8mos preggers!!) it would be much better for Bill to take them over for me. That's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now here's for the house:
-basement is completely framed out (thankyou, thankyou Uncle Ross for hammering away at that!!)
-they made use of the space under the stairs and beside the bathroom to create a storage area (I am sooo thankful I spoke up about that and asked!!! It would've been such a waste of space otherwise!!)
-the majority (or all by now) of the heating and electrical has been done!!
-the outside is complete except for the rock decoration on the front and the veranda needs to be completed
-we have chosen the carpet/lino/paint and have decided where we want carpet and where we want lino
-the eavestrophing (ok don't know how to spell that other than phonetically!!lol) is done!

It doesn't look like we'll be able to move before Christmas and new baby, but it shouldn't be much longer after that. possibly the first couple of weeks of January.
We are still praying for a miracle though!!! I guess the next obstacle will be waiting on the guy who comes to do the 'mudding' for the drywall...apparently sometimes he is on the ball and get's her done and other times he takes a while to get moving.....guess which we're hoping for!!!
We were pleasantly surprised to find out about the heating and electrical though, because we had heard the same things regarding that and it worked our quickly!!

I'm hoping Bill will be out there tomorrow, but we'll see!!

For now, here's a pic:
Our house number is up!!!!
We have a house number!!!!

Thankyou to Uncle Mike, Aunt Elaine, Uncle Ross, Aunt Linda, and Val for putting in some hours for us!! We appreciate it immensely!! You can never know what a difference you're making in our lives!! We love you!

God bless!!

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Anonymous said...

Well done, especially with the house number! Youv'e got it exactly right by using large, dark house numbers on a light background - so there'll be no problems with your visitors finding you.