Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Finally, a long awaited update!!!
First here's some recent pics!!
We have steps for our back door now!!
The stairs that lead to the living room
*stairs that lead up to our living room*

the basement
*our basement*

So here is the wonderful blessings we've found out!!
-We will have a dishwasher!! Originally the homeowners had to purchase their own, but they recently decided that homes will come with dishwashers and we will have one!!
-we will have in-floor heating in the basement!! A company donates 6 systems per year to Habitat and we are one of the lucky ones this year!!!
-Our basement is being framed this week!!! We also learned yesterday that they will be adding a 3rd bedroom in the basement for us to make room for the new baby!!!
This is a wonderful blessing and brings the total to 6bdrms for us!

We will also be picking out our flooring and paint this week, as well as out counter tops!! Soooo very exciting! We also get to to choose where we want carpet and lino.
Both Bill and I will be able to work on our house this Saturday, so I will take pics and update after that!

Exciting things!!
God bless!!

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