Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome!!! Our very first Post!!

Here you will find updates regarding the progress of our Habitat for Humanity Home.
First, I will share a bit of how we got here!

Last June in 2007 I found out that a cyberlist friend was having a Habitat home built for her and her family. They too, have a larger than average family. It got the wheels in my head turning and I thought "What if WE could do this?". Something in me really pushed to find out more about how to become a partner with Habitat.

We learned that there was going to be a meeting on September 12th (My birthday!!) explaining how Habitat works and how to apply. So, we attended! We were totally excited about how the program works and that we qualified to apply!! So, we began the process of gathering information and putting together our application.

After our application was accepted, we were invited to come into the office for a meeting with the head family worker (this is the first phase of acceptance). Our meeting went really well and we were told that there a group of townhouses that were going to be built and this is where we would live should we be accepted through the next phases.

In November, we received a call that we had been accepted and were now onto phase two, a home visit. Two workers came to our house to meet with us and the children. We talked about what obstacles were in our way in our current living situation and what we thought it meant to become a family partner with Habitat. We did a walk through the house and were surprised to discover that on top of issues we were already aware of, there are numerous other code violations in our rental house!

After that home visit we waited and waited to find out if we had been accepted as a Habitat family. I couldn't wait any longer and called Lili at the end of February. Apparently there had been a family emergency with one of the board members (they make the final decision after the home visits) and we would find out within a week.

Lili called back the first week of March, YES! We had been accepted as a family, however, our city messed with the plans and decided the garages needed to be bigger, thus eliminating the Chance of us being able to have 5 bedrooms. We were heartbroken. Lili assured us that she would keep us on file incase a lot became available before July. If not, we would need to start the whole application process again come September!

Which brings us to now. On Monday, April 14th shortly after 2:30pm the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Habitat, my heart skipped a beat as I pressed the answer button! It was Lili!! In that moment, our lives changed for the better. As her words came through the phone lines "We have a home for you!!" I was speechless..the tears started rolling. Tears of complete joy. The kids began jumping up and down and wooting. What a dream come true, what an answer to our prayers!!!

The group that is sponsoring us has no idea the joy they have brought to our hearts! I can hardly wait to meet them and give them all a huge hug! What a blessing!

PLease bear with me as I build this site, and join us on our journey as we build our HOME and our DREAM!

God bless, Penny

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